LMbench - Tools for performance analysis

How do I run LMbench?

You will need

  1. the benchmark sources, see the section before this.
  2. a computer with at probably 16MB (or more) memory.
  3. disk space for the sources and binaries: about 2MB.
  4. disk space for working files during the benchmark: about 16MB.
Optionally, it would be nice if you had two identical computers connected by an idle network. I will personally pay $5 for results from current computer pairs, provide that I don't have the results yet and I want them (that pair of 386's are probably not interesting any more). Contact me to claim your reward.

Unpack LMbench to create a tree like so:

All the directories intended for human consumption have commented Makefiles in them. It's worthwhile reading them.

Go to the top directory, and type make results see and then have a while it goes to work. The benchmark takes about a half hour (or more on slow machines) to run.

The benchmark binaries will be in bin/your_os_name.

The results will be in Results/your_os_name/your_host_name.

Go to the Results and look at the Makefile for more information.